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Systems For Living is formed combining a wealth of  professional knowledge of both the volume and quality of 5 people cumulative experiences.
In the group not only converge what seems to be today's architectural debate such as environmental protection and green architecture, but also merge knowledge, perspectives, and tools from diverse fields to generate appropriate interdisciplinary approach to comply with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability.
Through almost a decade of collaborative activities and civic actions, SFL reflects a tradition of creativity in finding new formats of artistic expression with a commitment to contemporary architecture not separated from responsibility, attention and sensitivity to local, cultural, and natural forces.


Francesco Cardone
Francesco Cardone is a music composer and the current chairman of SFL for two-year-terms (2018-20). Francesco Cardone has found his own stylistic code inside the hybridization between the most characteristic aspects of contemporary symphonic music and the innumerable inspirations from oriental music.  
FC attended the University of Bologna at the Faculty of Arts Music department and graduated with a thesis entitled “Martin Heidegger and the problem of a work of art: the question of hermeneutics”. He then earned a second degree in Philosophy with a thesis on “Nihilism téchne and poetry in the thought of Emanuele Severino”. His works includes:
"Shadow's sound" with Mahatma band. Editorial award. -1993.
"Velvet Sun" with Mahatma band. -1994.
"Retu" produced and edited by Jasango.  First solo album.- 2009.
Teatro Comunale Ferdinando Bibiena" website. Promotional video orchestration. - 2010
"Big Buck Bunny" musical cartoon soundtrack. - 2011
"The Time Machine" music theme. A multimedia interactive project merging performing arts and visual arts. -2013
In 2010 he was a finalist in the competition Roma Soundtrack Competition: http://www.musicaearte.it/rsc2010.html

MickeyMichael Edward Hale

Michael Edward Hale is an active environmentalist. MEH has studied under Ralph Rapson and attended two schools of Architecture between 1971 and 1982. In his freshman year he enrolled at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana and from 1972 to 1982  at the U of M while working  as a residential designer during that period outside the University system. He graduated at the UofM with a B.Arch five year professional degree and  worked for a variety of architectural firms  after receiving his architectural license in 1987. He is in his ninth year as an active for the community and as a co-founder of Systems For Living.


Roberto Francesco Cicero

Roberto Francesco Cicero is an Architect and an author. RFC has studied under Italian architect Maurizio Sacripanti  at the University of Rome-Italy, attended a school of Design and the ASMIT Advanced program for managing innovations and technologies.  He graduated with a B. Architecture degree and received European Architect License in 1983. RFC is two times recipient of an European Regional Architectural Award with a portfolio of work going back over 30 years and spanning across 3 continents. He is in his ninth year of commitment to community through civic action as a co-founder of Systems For Living. His third book "The Oxymoron of Tradition" was published in early 2014 and presented at the University of Rome "La Sapienza"  in conjunction with the exhibit of his work.


Luigi Festa

Luigi Festa  is an architect and a painter, descendant of well known artist Pietro Gagliardi active in Rome in the 1800's as a painter. LF studied under Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri at the School of Arts in Rome and graduated in Architecture at the University "La Sapienza" where he attended composition courses given by Maurizio Sacripanti, with whom he later collaborated and was professionally formed.
Parallel to his professional experience as an architect, LF  maintained constant interest in the field of visual arts creating graphic design for numerous projects and fair exhibition stands. Among these are the symbol for the Volleyball World Championship in 1985 in Rome, which is today the official logo of the Italian Volleyball Federation, and the exhibition space for Italy at the "World Tunnel Congress 2001" in Milan.
From 1998 to 2004 he partecipated in the art exhibitions "itinerarios de arte" held in Spain in the El Catalejo gallery of Marbella.
His works were on exhibition in Milan in 2008 at the Ex Richard Ginori event space, in 2012 at the Falzone Art Gallery and in 2014 at the Mihotel.
His works are on permanent display in the El Catalejo gallery and are parts of private collections in Marbella-Spain, and in Milan and Rome-Italy.
Luigi Festa lives and works in Milan.


massimominutelloMassimo Minutello

Massimo Minutello is an Architect and a painter whose professional expertise extends beyond traditional comprehensive architectural services into areas of engineering and sustainable design to address 3rd millenium changing environments.  MM has studied at the University of Rome - Italy and attended  a school of Art and an Advanced program of restoration and conservation for managing historic cultural resources.
MM  is recipient of  2  European Regional Architectural Awards with a high profile portfolio of work for international clientele and public parties ranging from Architectural design, Naval interior design for cruise ships  and Interior design for both residential and commercial projects.



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